Five Star Landscaping Provides Property Maintenance Services Year Around for both Residential and Commercial Customers.

Residential Services

landscaping CalgaryLandscaping Calgary: Any project needs to be approached very carefully, given our unique climate and weather patterns. We offer intensive one-to-one design approach whether you are a residential or commercial client, to ensure your landscape ideas are done as you envision, and as Calgary weather demands.


lawn care in CalgaryLawn Maintenance: Lawn Care in Calgary is vital for maintaining the beauty of your lawn and outdoor spaces. Calgary is a busy town, and many of our clients simply don’t have the time to care for their lawn properly. In addition, consistent upkeep of your lawn prevents damage from occurring that often doesn’t show itself until after the harsh Calgary winter has passed, leaving you with a lawn that needs replacing.


snow removal CalgarySnow Removal: Snow removal in Calgary is a huge time saver for our busy clients. Both residential and commercial clients benefit from the snow removal being done in conjunction with Calgary’s rules. Our clients have safer, cleaner properties without the backbreaking work of removing heavy snow by hand. With Calgary’s unpredictable winter snow, it’s vital to have Five Star Landscaping snow removal on your side.


iStock_000004617662XSmallFall Cleanup: Fall clean ups in Calgary never fail to show the ugly side of lawn maintenance. From blowing off dead leaves to planting seeds, fall clean ups in Calgary can really be a boring, time-wasting task. Why not let Five Star Landscaping take care of it!




Commercial Services

commercial landscape contractors CalgaryCommercial Landscape Contractors:  At Five Star Landscaping we know that a “first impression” creates a domino effect for your business. From hospitals to corporate centers, there’s no doubt that commercial landscaping in Calgary is the first step to attract loyal customers.


commercial property maintenance CalgaryCommercial Landscape Maintenance: Make your property a worthwhile investment by giving its landscape the sophistication it deserves. Free yourself from the headaches of weekly maintenance and let Five Star take in charge. Our highly-skilled professionals and state-of-the-art equipment will keep your ground protected even from the harshest climate of Calgary.


We have been serving residential and commercial clients for lawn care, snow removal and landscaping in Calgary since 1997.