Fall Clean Up

Fall Clean Up Gives You A Winter-Ready Lawn

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Prepare your yard for Calgary’s harsh winter with Five Star Landscaping’s finest fall clean up service- – trusted since 1997!

Winter’s coming and a good fall clean up while necessary, can be a real time consuming task. Raking leaves is part of it, but only the beginning.

But there’s another reason why you need to stop complaining and start delegating. Most homeowners don’t realize how important a fall clean up is. If you ignore it, pests and rot can persist under the snow, leaving your yard looking poorly come spring.  A proper fall clean up means your grass starts the spring in a much stronger position.  This not only ensures your home looks great, but your property value is protected as well.  Replacing your grass is never an option you want to look at if you can avoid it. If you want to keep your yard the center of attraction in your neighbourhood, Five Star Landscaping is the solution!

The Five Star Landscaping Fall Clean Up Package includes:

  • Our fall clean up includes blowing out beds/hedges, a leaf clean up, cut & trim. You can add a fall fertilizer and an aeration.

If you want your lawn to be the best it can be next spring after the snow melts, then prepare properly today with Five Star Landscaping’s fall clean up.