Snow Removal Calgary Services by Five Star Landscaping.

Five Star Landscaping offers a full-service approach using its state-of-the-art snow clearing equipment and snow removal Calgary commitment. Our team of seasoned professionals operates to meet your specific needs with outstanding customer service.

Ok, we know it sounds weird for a landscaping company to be doing snow removal in Calgary.  But hey, it’s not like we are doing a whole lot of landscaping in January! Five Star Landscaping offers complete year round property services. You can count on Five Star Landscaping to be out there when needed to take the snow away and make your life easier. Did you realize that the largest proportion of heart attacks in winter come from shoveling snow? And, when push comes to shove, wouldn’t you rather be doing something fun instead of shoveling? It’s fun for us cause we have all sorts of cool gear to get the job done, but when you only have a shovel? Not so much.

Snow accumulation cripples business operations and brings accident-prone driveways. Calgary’s by-law requires snow clearing to be done within 24 hours of snow fall. Free yourself from the white stuff with Five Star Landscaping’s snow removal services perfect for both residential and commercial properties.

Five Star Landscaping proudly services Western Canada for snow
removal services and we carry 5 million dollar liability insurance.

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Our Services

Make your property a liability-free winter environment.

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From local driveways to high-priority establishments like hospitals and seniors homes, Five Star Landscaping is ready to provide round-the-clock, snow-removal services:

  • Sidewalk and Driveway Clearing
  • Snow Plowing for Parking Lots and Private Roads
  • Salting and Sanding for Complete Ice Control.

Our Promise

Five Star Landscaping operates with the specific needs of residential and commercial properties in mind. Our organized and on-target approach to providing Snow Removal in Calgary has made Five Star Landscaping a force to be reckoned with. Experience the difference with our fully-trained teams that clear snow within 24 hours. So you can do better things!