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Removing Tree Stumps - Five Star Landscaping - Tree Stump Removal Calgary

Removing Tree Stumps

If you’ve ever removed a tree from your property, you’re probably aware that the stump left behind can often be the hardest part to get rid of. As experts in the landscaping business, we’ve removed our fair share of tree stumps. We thought we’d take today to share the four most common methods. Digging Out […]

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Help, my Snowblower Won’t Start!

Snow is in the Calgary forecast, and even if the weatherman isn’t right, we’ll likely get some eventually. The weather has been fairly mild this year, so it’s a good time to make sure your snowblower is working before you need it to. Unfortunately, no matter how well you take care of your snowblower, one […]

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small backyard

Three Tips to Make your Small Yard Look Bigger

Depending on which Calgary neighborhood you call home, you may find that your backyard is a little smaller than you would have preferred. Maybe even a lot smaller. We understand it can be disappointing to buy a house you love despite a sub-par backyard, so we’ve come up with some idea to help! While we […]

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The Importance of Bees

Many people have a fear of bees. These buzzing insects with the ability to sting can quickly have people running for the indoors or for a newspaper. However, bees are actually an extremely important part of our ecology. Not only do they produce honey, they also pollinate nearly one third of all the foods we […]

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outdoor kitchen

Two Nifty Things You can Do in your Yard with Our Help

With all the do-it-yourself projects to be found online and in magazines, it’s easy to forget that a challenging dream project often goes smoother with the help of a professional. Because we’ve been turning ideas into a reality for almost twenty years now, Five-star Landscaping has the expertise, skills, and equipment to help manage big […]

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How Bees and Wasps Benefit Your Garden

You’ve probably heard to leave bees and wasps alone because they’re good for your garden, but do you know why? “Honeybees are called the “spark plugs” of agriculture because of their importance in pollinating crops, but other wild bees and wasps are also important pollinators and natural pest-control agents.” Says Organic Gardening in their article […]

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lawn care

How Weekly Lawn Care can Benefit your Property

Here in Calgary where the weather is as likely to bring sweltering desert conditions as it is to flood our basements. Having a pristine lawn—or even a lawn that’s just okay—can be quite the challenge. There’s soil pH, soil compaction, water retention, nitrogen quantities, and what feels like a hundred other things to monitor and […]

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