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shovelling snow

Don’t put the Snow Shovel Away Just Yet

Sometimes it seems like a Calgary winter will never end and some years, we get a little taste of winter every month. Spring is just around the corner and we’re enjoying the occasional day that’s just mild enough to lull us into a false sense of security. Don’t get complacent though, because old man winter […]

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salt truck

How Salt Causes Ice to Melt

If you live in Canada, you’re probably familiar with city trucks roaming the streets after a snowfall, spreading de-icer in their wake. You might even use salt based de-icer on your own sidewalks and driveway. But have you ever wondered how salt causes ice to melt? Salt lowers the freezing and melting temperature of water. […]

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snowy sidewalk

Tips for Staying Safe on Snow Covered Sidewalks

You can keep your own sidewalk clear of snow and ice, but when you’re out an about you’re at the mercy of the weather and you need to be prepared for anything Mother Nature can throw at you. This winter has been particularly bad for ice and slippery conditions and Calgary’s emergency services have been […]

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How to Remove Salt Stains from Concrete

Springtime is wonderful: the snow is melting, plants are growing… but winter leaves behind it’s mark: a white crust of salt stains on your driveway and sidewalks. Here’s a great tutorial on how to remove those pesky stains without harsh chemicals, ensuring your property will look its best year round.

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icy road

Combat Ice the Natural Way

Have you ever used salt based ice removal products and when spring arrived noticed that your sidewalk was chipping and crumbling or your lawn was damaged? Salt is a very effective ice buster but it and some other ice removal products can literally eat your sidewalk and kill your grass. When rock salt melts, it […]

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snow covered plants

Protecting Landscaping from Chinooks

Many people in winter bound parts of Canada envy Calgarians for the Chinooks that give them periodic, albeit temporary relief from cold winter weather. However, the sudden warming that occurs during a Chinook can be disastrous for many plants. Is there anything you can do to protect your landscaping from the effects of a Chinook? […]

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snow plow

5 Star Landscaping Snow Removal Services

Just because gardening season is over doesn’t mean it’s time to put your 5 Star Landscaping fridge magnet away in a kitchen drawer. Did you know that during the winter, 5 Star puts the lawnmowers and pruners away and brings out the snow and ice removal equipment? Did you also know that in the City […]

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The Dangers of Shoveling Snow

There are a lot of dangerous winter activities – skiing, snowmobiling, ice climbing to name just a few. Did you know that shoveling snow is one of the most dangerous things that people typically do during the winter? After a heavy snowfall, emergency room physicians usually notice an increase in the number of people arriving […]

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gardening tools

Preparing Garden Tools for Winter

Ahhh, the lowly garden tool – you probably don’t think too much about their care and maintenance. Gardening tools aren’t cheap and after a season of heavy use, it’s always a good idea to perform a little TLC and preventive maintenance before putting them away for the winter. A few simple tricks will keep them […]

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fall garden

Fall Gardening Tips

Now that fall is upon us our thoughts tend to turn to other, non-gardening related matters like Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, fall is a great gardening season and here are a few of the jobs that you can do right now to help your garden survive winter and come back even better next year: Mulch […]

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