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Weed Season - Five Star Landscaping - Lawn Care Calgary

Weed Season

Unless you’re living with a lawn made of dreams instead of grass, you’re likely not looking forward to weed season. This is understandable, after all there is a huge variety of different weeds, and it can be a real challenge for Calgary homeowners to keep their lawn free of them all. Beyond that, weeds are […]

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It's time to get your lawn fertilized! - Five Star landscaping - Landscaping Calgary

It’s time to get your lawn fertilized!

In Calgary, lawn care is a must. The cold winters and hot, dry summers are hard on grass, and they often leaves lawns looking more dead and yellow than welcoming and lush. A healthy lawn is a great first impression for guests visiting your home. A healthy lawn encourages you and your family to spend […]

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Preparing for Spring - Five Star Landscaping - Spring Cleaning Calgary

Preparing for Spring

Winter is nearly over and our favourite time of year is just around the corner! At five-star landscaping, we love spring. Spring is the season where there is so much work to be done. All the fundamental foundational work for a healthy happy lawn is done in spring. We know that Calgarians are familiar with […]

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Removing Tree Stumps - Five Star Landscaping - Tree Stump Removal Calgary

Removing Tree Stumps

If you’ve ever removed a tree from your property, you’re probably aware that the stump left behind can often be the hardest part to get rid of. As experts in the landscaping business, we’ve removed our fair share of tree stumps. We thought we’d take today to share the four most common methods. Digging Out […]

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Help, my Snowblower Won’t Start!

Snow is in the Calgary forecast, and even if the weatherman isn’t right, we’ll likely get some eventually. The weather has been fairly mild this year, so it’s a good time to make sure your snowblower is working before you need it to. Unfortunately, no matter how well you take care of your snowblower, one […]

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